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Use your Kindle App in Teletherapy

Updated: Apr 26

There are a bagillion websites out there for literacy. Some of them with free or paid prescriptions. But, I'm willing to bet you've got an Amazone Prime Membership and that means you've already paid with this membership for FREE access to children's books that you can use in your teletherapy. It's called Prime Reading.

A common misconception I've found is that you have to have a Kindle tablet to be able to access Kindle books. This, simply put, isn't true. There are two ways I access all of my freely downloaded Kindle books:

  • Kindle App for Mac

  • Kindle Cloud Reader Website

To access either Kindle option, you'll need to input your Amazon membership email and password, but afterwards, you'll have all your selected Prime Reading ready to go.

Here's the caveat: Amazon allows 10 free Prime Reading downloads at one time. After you’ve reached your 10, if you want another ebook, then you’ll need to return the one of the ebooks currently in your library. Prime Reading selections also do not remain in Prime Reading forever and rotate around. However, once you've downloaded a Prime Reading selection, it will remain in your Kindle library, even if it goes off the free market.

The Kindle app also some pretty cool features for us therapists to use when using literacy in sessions for some (NOT ALL) of the books:

  1. Self-Grading Flash Card Decks (Great for planning questions!)

  2. Note-taking Capabilities

  3. Highlighted Text (Great for articulation!!)

  4. Dictionary Look-up

Total game-changers! The navigation within the app is fairly simple as well. To share in Teletherapy, you'll just need to open the Kindle app or Cloud Reader in your browser, then use the application sharing feature in your platform. And literacy is incorporated into your session just like that!

-Angela C. Hancock, MSP, CCC-SLP


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